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<HR field>

Asian IT Corporation (600 employees)

Participated as a manager in a salary and welfare program transition project.
Took the initiative from program procedure planning to successful completion of data migration. My work was highly appraised by the global team.

IT Company (200 employees)

At the request of the head office, conducted a personal audit in connection with internal controls. Then examined whether a proper payroll calculation to tax payment flow system was in place and offered advice on potential risks following an investigation of security management issues

American Securities Corporation (1600 employees)

As an outsourcee for salary/social insurance/welfare affairs, communicated
(including labor consultations) regularly and directly with 1,600 employees in both
Japanese and English. Handled 50~80 E-mails/phone calls per day courteously and quickly.

European Retailing Company (120 employees)

This issue involved a dispute concerning retirement procedures between the company and a retail store manager. By combining expert knowledge and precise data collection in a short time frame, I participated in the labor tribunal as the company’s labor and social security attorney.The case was reconciled on overwhelmingly favorable terms for the company.

<Finance & Accounting field>

Foreign Financial Institution

Participated as one consultant in a team of over 10 CPAs working on a project to assist a major foreign financial institution’s private banking division with their exit from the Japan market As part of the project management team, I was involved in the process of creating the work flow (was one of the two members to remain until the end).
   ▶Support with preparation of income statements for client profit-loss analysis
   ▶Preparation of client income statements, profit-loss analysis
   ▶Client internal control support and making proposals for internal procedure improvement
   ▶Analysis and comparison of outputs from the independent systems of two departments
    and reporting to the client
   ▶Winner of the Outstanding Performance Award (twice)